OnBoard's New Lesson Club Announced

Posted on 23 Jan 14:18

OnBoard Academics is delighted to announce their new Lesson Club for K-8 teachers.  Teachers can join for as little as 5 dollars per month.  Memberships includes a single teacher's license to unlimited access to OnBoards collection of 175 ELA lessons, 325 math lessons, or 225 science lessons for K-8.  Each subject is only $5 per month! 


The lesson club offers tremendous value by providing award winning, teacher created interactive lessons enabling easy use of their classroom's technology.  All lessons work easily and seamlessly with any digital whiteboard.


Chromebooks, mobile devices or both are also easily added to the fold with a year's access to Splashtop Classroom.  This is an easy to use, effect screencast software that enables teachers to take the lessons to the student (especially effective for children with special needs).  Teachers can share OnBoard lessons, any of the teachers digital files, audio, animations and video without any need to reformat the material.


The combination of Splashtop and OnBoard can impact a classroom for just a few dollars a month.  With these tools you will be using the latest digital teaching tools available, teaching in one of the most advanced technological classrooms in the nation  and doing so without much effort or expenditure.


We welcome new subscribers.  We delay all of our billing by 10 days to make sure teachers are happy with our product.  Teachers can choose to end their membership before the initial 10 days transpire and there is no charge at all.


This is a no risk, high value proposition offering teachers tools at prices never before available.  There is no reason that digital whiteboards, iPads, chromebooks and android devices can't be key and effective tools in teachers classrooms.