English (ELA )for K-8

English (ELA )for K-8

Amazing, Effective, Easy to Use !
Monthly ($7.99) or annual subscription ($79) for one teacher and unlimited students includes unlimited access to 175 ELA interactive lessons for digital whiteboards. Our lessons work with SMART Notebook 14.x or older.  We also have Promethean versions. Contact us above to learn more about how to get flip charts.

We have over 175 titles in ELA, check out the library by clicking the link in the sidebar. Below is an quick video of our lessons in general. After that you can view screen shots of an actual example of one of our lessons, "Figurative Language."


Joining the lesson club is just $7.99 a month and you can cancel anytime.  If you choose the one year program which is a big savings, the initial billing is delayed 10 days to give you a chance to try the lessons to make sure they are for you before you commit to a year.

You need either SMART Notebook or SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer to use our lessons. SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer is available free by following this link -> Reader

*Splashtop sold separately and only as an annual subscription